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Memorial Day

May 31, 2004

Doin nothing this long weekend…..just looking out the window, watching the rain. Need to get back to the city today and back to work from tomm. Lots of stuff to do besides the usual mundane work. but for this post its about today…..after many months, I had authentic bengali food. shukto, khichuri, labra, aloo bhaja and for the grand finale goat meat. I’ve been sinking further down into the depths of vices…eat more non-veg than ever..smoke sometimes, drink like a phish. Other useless things that I do and which takes up a lot of time, is spend hours watching losers chat and discuss their miserable lives…guess that makes me one of them, the passive participant. but its kind of sad how they think that their lives has a lot of meaning when they can get someone to like them and how vicious they can get once they have been spited. another curious bunch of ppl are those posting MC’s on craigslist. either they have always aimed too high and succeeded or they are just having delusions of meeting the mystery girl/guy they glimpsed once on the street and who smiled back at them. aah well….its fun to read when the simulations are running.



May 19, 2004

Done with commencement…..was fun with the hecklers interrupting the president’s speech….reminded me off the need to be idealistic. I seem to have lost it somewhere along the way.