Day Dreamer

Damn… much time i spend day dreaming of stuff that isnt even remotely related to my life. i put it all down to being a piscean. I dont have any romantic life worth talking about….but i go on travels with someone…movies, dinners and more, all in my mind. in reality i like to think that i dont believe in the cliched relationship of being with someone but more in having lots of space to yourself but also friends to spend some time with in between. more than half of what i think doesnt make sense to me and dont even ask about what i dream off.

as usual nothing great about today. the usual grind, getting to work, trying to work….not much getting done. might go to see ‘control room’ today or maybe tommorrow. saw ‘day after tomm.’ on friday. my friend trashed it with the usual highhandedness of an engineer who thinks everything should work within a specific set of rules. its a movie for cryin out loud. his grouse the science was not right. who cares….the director didnt and neither did the general audience to which it was directed. if u start picking the nitty gritties of each movies u see, you are better off watching indie movies. this one was catered more towards letting ppl know the effects global warming, since we all tend to be forgetful of something which is not explicitly tangible(redundant?) to us. the director, roland emmerich, hoped to do this with graphic images which ppl understand better and retain more.he did an ok job with the usual hollywood masala of having a saviour american battling against all odds to save his loved ones and he like always succeeds. aah well….his film, his money. he can do whatever damn well he pleases and we can criticize all we want like my friend. time to get back to work and do some logistic regression.


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