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July 21, 2005

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India-US Nuke pact

So there seems to be big uproar over this in both countries and elsewhere. Being the cynic, I am known to be, I would like to first see the first civilian nuclear reactor being set up in India with foreign help before going ga-ga over the implications of the deal.

“There are no eternal friends or perpetual enemies. The only thing that is eternal and perpetual, is your country’s interests.”
– Lord Palmerston(rephrased)

Moral Index takes a nose-dive(in spirit of my aforementioned cynicism,insert “about to take”, till the bill is actually passed)
Bill banning dance bars in Bombay about to be passed.


Q & C

July 21, 2005

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Q & C: Quotes and Comments.

Random pickings from daily going ons

Q:British Asian cell phone vendor from leeds – The blasts are a reaction to what is happening in Iraq. If you did not send troops to Iraq, this wouldnt have happened.
C: Would you call this guy british or pakistani? My only gripe is using the word “you” instead of “we”.

Q:Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman-“The reality is that Pakistan has done more than most countries in fighting terrorism and has had more successes in capturing and eliminating elements of Al Qaeda than all other countries combined.”
C: Can we help it if all of them like to set up base in your country? They should be easy pickings given that you know where they live and how they operate. After all the system was probably set up by someone in your State dept.

I am back….books

July 21, 2005

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After a year’s absence, I am back to this parallel universe and what do I start off with??? A list of books that I am reading or have read recently. So here goes.

The Smartest Guys in the Room
In Defense of Globalization
Life of Pi
Genome War
Hungry Tide
Selfish Gene
Maximum City: Bombay
Kite Runner
The World is Flat

Oh!BTW, I moved to the Emerald City. Seattle.
When did this happen? Last September
Why did this happen? Got this crazy idea that I need to do a PhD
How long is the stop going to be? At least 5 years, nearing the 1 year mark.

Guess its no longer the Lone Ranger in NYC. I have been back to relive my previous role, though only for a couple of weeks.