I am back….books

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After a year’s absence, I am back to this parallel universe and what do I start off with??? A list of books that I am reading or have read recently. So here goes.

The Smartest Guys in the Room
In Defense of Globalization
Life of Pi
Genome War
Hungry Tide
Selfish Gene
Maximum City: Bombay
Kite Runner
The World is Flat

Oh!BTW, I moved to the Emerald City. Seattle.
When did this happen? Last September
Why did this happen? Got this crazy idea that I need to do a PhD
How long is the stop going to be? At least 5 years, nearing the 1 year mark.

Guess its no longer the Lone Ranger in NYC. I have been back to relive my previous role, though only for a couple of weeks.


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