Pesky Anglo Franco’s

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About these english and french intellectuals. For all their big talk about wanting to uphold the principles of liberty, equality, free speech etc. their primary aim is to reclaim the glorious heydays stretching from mid 18th to mid 21st century before they were pushed out by the rising clout of the us. the paths the two countries have undertaken couldnt be more contrasting. britain wants to build on its traditional partnership with the us to ride on its back to its desired position in the world’s pecking order. france on the other hand wants to go it alone and is floundering having taken this to be its state policy. chirac seems to be the last of the old guard before the purported “progressive” french politicians take his place and steer it around to follow britain’s course.

the claim of the french where they talk with glee of their social system which makes the unemployed want to remain that way with the state paying them good money and all, just points their lack of foresight of where this is taking them. like germany, their being able to provide an excellent education systerm, good health insurance for most and generally high standard of living for its citizens is underwritten by the us carrying the burden for most of europe’s defense expenses while the northern and western europe plough the money saved back to providing a good lifestyle to the unemployed.

their frequent grumblings underscore the fact that most of them are still at a loss to figure out why the “hare-brained midget” bush is still listened to by others while the “articulate colossus” chirac is largely ignored.


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