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The issue of Tibet

December 24, 2005

NYT had an article by Pankaj Mishra that profiled the Tibetan youth leader Tenzin Tsundue. It makes for an interesting read on how the tibetan refugees living in India view their homeland which is as distant from them today as it was when their previous generation had crossed over. There is growing resentment on the non-violent method preached by the revered Dalai Lama which they say is leading to a cultural liquidation by the Chinese aided further by the highway being built to Lhasa bringing along millions of Han chinese. This is fear is manifested in the claims of many that Tibetan culture is on its way to extinction if efforts at preservation are not made by the government-in-exile. The Dalia Lama, though he remains the spiritual leader is said to be losing grip in the new generation of youth agitators exemplified by Tenzin. What the future will bring is hard to say, but its good to see how some people still have a cause that they are passionate about, that they will fight for in ways more than just physical. Sometimes it makes one wonder whether the life they lead is hollow for the lack of such a cause or if they sold themselves out the day someone assigned them a 8 hour day job that became the focus of their lives. Che was one such figure who evoked such a reaction. On a slightly different note, I am linking two books written some years back by Humphrey Hawksley, a British Foreign Correspondent, about the Sino-Indian-Pak war scenario in the nuclear age, that are worth a read. It was all about the tibetans in the opening scene of Dragon Fire. The other book is Dragon Strike


Lip-service to Democracy

December 24, 2005

So yesterday the charismatic Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi who turned 60 this year had her detention extended by the ruling military junta. What was the response of democratic governments world-wide? Just empty words deploring the actions. One government in particular that trumpets and champions the cause of democracy in the middle east has been silent barring the few words spoken on the subject by the spokesman. I ask why this is so, the obvious reasons stand out. One, there is no oil that we know of in Burma. Second, is no investments to be protected. Third, it cannot be claimed that they are exporting terrorists. The last argument has unfortunately come ti justify the use of force for achieving the above said goal. I wonder why the more lofty ideas of a democratic process that empowers people living under such a system are not reasons enough to call for more stronger actions against the Burmese military regime. India herself has changed course in the past few years terming now its relation as “pragmatic engagement” with the junta to contain the chinese influence while emitting periodic protests that might pass as pip-squeaks at best.

Wait that lasted three long years

December 24, 2005

So whats new with me today, you ask…..I say I got the license to drive. Well, I almost had it a couple of months back when some fat-assed “inspector” chick who probably was unhappy with her own life flunked me. Today was the day of redemption. It sure does feel good if for nothing the fact that I can rent a car on my own now.

Blog Denial

December 21, 2005

I get this question a lot, these days. Do you have a blog?
My answer,”umm…..if its there, its out there”. Why do I say that? Its because I am more interested in people reading this blog when they come across it while trawling for other random stuff on the web. I plan to use this as an oppurtunity to get some unbiased views on things I write about (with the disclaimer that I rarely put down in words the thoughts that are swirling up in that morass of a brain). So continuing, I welcome comments of all shades of love, hate and rage. Since I am relying on random arrivals at this blog queue of mine, given that there about N-million blogs already out there any meaningful comments(spambots discounted) left behind is going to be statistically significant and will be appreciated.
So once again, I am not going to give out this blog-ress out to all and sundry. Friends and Foes included. Thats my way of trying to control the variation introduced by preconceived notions.


Note to reader: Morass is word, I did not misspell more-ass.

Thunderous Slap

December 21, 2005

What Happened????
A Maulvi got slapped in the Pure Land aka Pakistan by a “low-caste” Hindu.
In its stooge parliament where the military dictatorship masquerades as democracy, giving democracy a bad rep but who am I to judge America’s stooge. Mark my words, having watched the goings on in me neighbour’s land, I can attest to the fact that its going to come back to bite them right where it hurts, in the long run. Till then I blog on about the matter at hand.
Protagonist-Krishan Bheel, Villain-Qari Rehman
Pent up anger of a minority community. The 50 years of taunts, jabs, barbs, fists, pokes, kidnappings (and we hear forced conversions too) has not gone unnoticed by the powers-to-be.
Phunny Why???
Read the punchline in the article, I was in splits after that. Rock on Senor. Bheel

Craigslist as a yardstick

December 10, 2005

Just a quick one: was wondering if one could use statistics from craigslist usage to gauge say moral sensibilities of a city or its level of prudery. Been motivated to write this by a rash of “This listing has been removed by the craigslist community” that I am seeing here in Seattle
. What percentage of that would still hold if say it had been NYC or London.