Blog Denial

I get this question a lot, these days. Do you have a blog?
My answer,”umm…..if its there, its out there”. Why do I say that? Its because I am more interested in people reading this blog when they come across it while trawling for other random stuff on the web. I plan to use this as an oppurtunity to get some unbiased views on things I write about (with the disclaimer that I rarely put down in words the thoughts that are swirling up in that morass of a brain). So continuing, I welcome comments of all shades of love, hate and rage. Since I am relying on random arrivals at this blog queue of mine, given that there about N-million blogs already out there any meaningful comments(spambots discounted) left behind is going to be statistically significant and will be appreciated.
So once again, I am not going to give out this blog-ress out to all and sundry. Friends and Foes included. Thats my way of trying to control the variation introduced by preconceived notions.


Note to reader: Morass is word, I did not misspell more-ass.


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