Thunderous Slap

What Happened????
A Maulvi got slapped in the Pure Land aka Pakistan by a “low-caste” Hindu.
In its stooge parliament where the military dictatorship masquerades as democracy, giving democracy a bad rep but who am I to judge America’s stooge. Mark my words, having watched the goings on in me neighbour’s land, I can attest to the fact that its going to come back to bite them right where it hurts, in the long run. Till then I blog on about the matter at hand.
Protagonist-Krishan Bheel, Villain-Qari Rehman
Pent up anger of a minority community. The 50 years of taunts, jabs, barbs, fists, pokes, kidnappings (and we hear forced conversions too) has not gone unnoticed by the powers-to-be.
Phunny Why???
Read the punchline in the article, I was in splits after that. Rock on Senor. Bheel


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