Lip-service to Democracy

So yesterday the charismatic Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi who turned 60 this year had her detention extended by the ruling military junta. What was the response of democratic governments world-wide? Just empty words deploring the actions. One government in particular that trumpets and champions the cause of democracy in the middle east has been silent barring the few words spoken on the subject by the spokesman. I ask why this is so, the obvious reasons stand out. One, there is no oil that we know of in Burma. Second, is no investments to be protected. Third, it cannot be claimed that they are exporting terrorists. The last argument has unfortunately come ti justify the use of force for achieving the above said goal. I wonder why the more lofty ideas of a democratic process that empowers people living under such a system are not reasons enough to call for more stronger actions against the Burmese military regime. India herself has changed course in the past few years terming now its relation as “pragmatic engagement” with the junta to contain the chinese influence while emitting periodic protests that might pass as pip-squeaks at best.


One Response to “Lip-service to Democracy”

  1. waterbearer Says:

    Dictatorship, authoritarianism and repression in Myanmar hurt only the locals there, while the same in the middle east hurt the interests of the big and the rich everywhere. What else can we expect in the world still dominated by the interests of the few over the wellfare of all?

    Keep up the good work though John Doe! Keep posting!

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