Why we fight…..

Its not often that I recommend a movie that one should absolutely see. The last time I did this was maybe Munich but definitely The Corporation. The post is self titled and should lead you to the movie which should be released soon worldwide. Its a fine exposition of the military-industrial complex as described and warned against by Dwight D. Eisenhower. The movie reiterates some of the questions we all have probably asked over the course of the past few years and follows up on the various threads in fine documentary style. Its shocking to see how ubiquitous the M-I complex has become and how blurred the distinction between public officials and corporate executives have become. In McCain’s words “Its legal corruption”. The analogy of the Roman Empire might at first seem perfunctory but there is lot what history can tell you about the rise and decline of imperial legacies. The “Lets Roll” presidential attitude speaks volumes about whether 9/11 was the true motivation for the Mid-East adventure or something else. I will stop giving out nuggets of movie-content and suggest you get a hold of this one. If nothing else, it makes you think and question the powers that be, anywhere you are.


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