Random Thoughts

Just some random brain waves that I thought I might want to reflect at length later.

Google Finance: It is the purported repository of all the data or something like that being its long term goal. How would it play out if it indexed all the financial information of every imaginable type of markets, economies, trading blocs etc. Open it up to enthusiasts with lots of free time and let them take a stab at coming up with a grand unified theory of markets if one exists. If nothing else it might give rise to some very interesting insights.

Atheism and Biologists
Evolution as the New Religion

Bottled Water: A Curse

Radical or Piecemeal changes in society

Water Trading Xchange on the lines of Carbon trading, let market forces decide how precious water is as a resource.

Business Idea: Shipyards in India churning out megatankers. Use it to transport gas instead of pipelines where chances are high of some renegade group holding you to ransom.


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