Notes on two events

So yesterday I watched “Thank You For Smoking”. A thoroughly enjoyable movie that in its attempt to potray the life of a Lobbyist working for one of the Merchants of Death(Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm) focusses less on the healthy/diseased aspects of smoking of which there is already an overload of in mass media but puts in a movie all what we would have liked to tell the self-righteous preachers if only we could find the right words.
There have been others that I have enjoyed in the recent past, like Lord of War for its depiction of the shady dealings of the gun-running business and what happens when you move up the chain and start playing with the big boys. It excites and depresses at the same time. Personally more of the former for me. Cinematographically, you cant beat Memoirs of a Geisha. The book I had read when I was in high school and was very interested in how well they could adapt that for a movie and I dont say this often but they seem to have done a good job.

On the second note, in my previous post I had mentioned one of the ideas that had popped up in my head. So this week seems like Google idea-bots had been trawling my blog 😛 for a while and it was a pleasant surprise to see Google Finance. I havent looked around the site and cannot comment on how well what I had envisioned has been taken up by them but its a start.

I know I said two events but cant help exulting about turning in the revised draft of a review I was writing with my advisor. Might even post the link here if it gets published and continuing with the shameless plug, check out Analysis of Variance of CV.


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