Stable enough…..

I think I have stabilized enough mentally to comment about a signpost that passed me by about a week back. I turned 25. Why stabilized you ask? That was a monday, early morning woke up feeling good about myself. As time passed and I rolled into the lab and the day wore on, the question changed to what is so different about today. I had nothing planned beforehand and was thinking of getting dinner with some friends but as time dragged on, it started going downhill. The burning question of the day kept coming back, a quarter of a century gone by and nothing to show for it.

I ended up at QFC @2000 buying myself a 6-pack and TV dinner. This was followed by some snide comments by the cashier about my state of affairs. Reminded me of quite a few scenes from old movies of the caricature of a psycho. I would have fit that to a T. Just after that ran into a good friend of mine, JC who lives like a block away. He gave me a ride and then of all things showed up with a cake he had baked. We just had the tv dinners, downed some beers, ate the cake and watched Lakshya. That was probably the 13th time for me as it is the sole DVD I own. I would say the day ended up on a rise. Also it was my first monday at the new digs. Finally a space I dont have to share with someone else. A week has made me realize that things are not as bad as it seems though it could definitely be better.


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