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Hypocrisy or genuine concern

June 25, 2006

Ethical implications of eating meat


India-Centric Media

June 14, 2006

In recent days, there have been a slew of big-name cover pages with India on it. I will add the links when I get the time, but for now here they are:
Red Herring
HBS Alumni Magazine
On another note, this one takes the cake in visualization:
quoting from Red Herring “India 2.0”: Today, stacked end to end, the buses that ferry employees to work at these two companies(Wipro and Infosys) each day in Bangalore would stretch 10 miles

Foreign Affairs

Being Responsible

June 7, 2006

First time I am impressed by an insurance company’s television ad. Now only if I can find it online, you all would know what I am talking about. btw, it was Liberty Mutual insurance.
update: FOUND IT!!!!
Liberty Mutual