hadoop termination

I am on a post-roll today.

I was trying to terminate my hadoop cluster setup today using stop-mapred.sh/stop-dfs.sh and finally stop-all.sh. None of that worked.

Came across this

I am not that fancy but that gave enough information as to what might be the problem and the solution.

The hunt began.

jps result

36353 DataNode
36585 JobTracker
36653 TaskTracker
80780 Jps
36420 SecondaryNameNode
36281 NameNode

But……when you check /tmp/hadoop-uid-namenode.pid = 79529
Something is clearly wrong there.

$ps aux | grep java | grep “NameNode” | awk ‘{print $2}’ > /tmp/hadoop-uid-namenode.pid

Do that for all the java processes.

UPDATE: damn, that did not work.
Followed the order in the stop-all.sh file and manually killed each process from the pid files.

stop-mapred.sh > stop-dfs.sh
jobtracker(M)> tasktracker(M,S)> namenode(M)< datanode(M,S)< secondarynamenode(M)

use kill -9, -3 chickened out



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